Get ready!

Making tax digital

There are big changes afoot in the way we’ll be filing information and paying tax in the future.


A brand new system, one that will affect most business owners in the UK, has already begun to roll out. It’s referred to as Making Tax Digital. Whether you’re a landlord, working for yourself as a sole trader or have a limited company, the changes will affect you.

How can Ping help?

In the run up to the new system, Ping will be there to help you adapt to the new system and between us we’ll make sure that it’s easy and hassle-free. 

All our clients operate differently, so one to one with you, we’ll work out best way to supply us with the data and records so that, for example, nobody has to take time out of the working day work four times a year just to get records to us. After all, as we said above, these days there are lots of electronic ways to make that a whole lot simpler. 


We’ll advise when the time is right, as always, so stay tuned – check out our blog for the latest updates. For further information or help with any tax matter whatsoever, ping us an email or call us on 0330 331 0012 and we’d be delighted to help.