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Making the change

Get what you need from your accountant

If you're finding your accountant isn't providing the level of service, advice or professionalism you require you should change to Ping an accountancy business that works in partnership with its clients.

If you recognise your accountant in any of these signs you should consider making the change:

  • They're difficult to reach

  • They're expensive

  • They never explain anything

  • They charge for every tiny conversation

  • You don't get a personal service

  • They use outdated methods

  • They don't provide specialist advice

  • They are reactive, not proactive

  • You never speak to the same person twice

What you get with Ping
Ping is your business partner, here to help your business succeed. We have a reputation for honesty and integrity. We are always available to answer your questions, providing a personal service with an experienced chartered accountant working with you from day one and accompanying you on every step of your business journey.
We want to help you succeed and are always open and honest about our charges. We'll also be proactive every step of the way, offering advice where needed, keeping you tax efficient and ensuring you never miss a filing deadline.
If you want to change your accountant give Ping a ring for a helpful, friendly no obligation conversation.
Ping: helping you run your business effortlessly, efficiently and more profitably

"I’ve been working with Ping Chartered Accountants for a number of years now.  They provide  mainly accountancy and finance director.  We’ve been really happy with the services they’ve provided and know that we can ring them with any queries we have.  We highly recommend their services."

NL near Basingstoke 

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