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Taking care of tax

Removing the frustration from taxation


Tax in all its forms is one of the biggest worries you have as a business, from Corporation Tax to VAT tax can be frustrating and time-consuming. There may even be specific tax regimes for your industry or credits you didn't know you could claim.


Ping can remove the worry and frustration from all of your personal and business taxation and offer you some great advice too.


We'll deal with HMRC for you, ensure you're being as tax efficient as possible, submit returns, handle all the payroll requirements,  make sure you're getting all the credits you're entitled to and that you meet all your payment deadlines..

Company Tax

Letting Ping take care of preparing and submitting your Company Tax Returns and Corporation Tax Self Assessment can help you minimise your company tax liabilities, so you can ensure your business is at its most tax efficient. 

Personal Tax

Ping gives a responsive user friendly service to ensure your personal tax affairs are dealt with as efficiently as your business ones. We'll give advice to help you reduce your liabilities, and complete and submit your Self-Assesment forms online, on time, every time.

Capital Gains Tax

No matter where your money is invested Ping will ensure you are minimising your Capital Gains Tax and liabilities. Our advice will ensure you pay only the tax you actually owe, helping you keep more of what you earn from your investments.


VAT can be a time-consuming headache, particularly for the smaller business. By letting Ping take care of the regular returns for you, it can help your business run more efficiently and help you focus on growing and developing your business.

R & D Tax Credits

Ltd companies that develop new products, processes or services, or even enhance existing ones may be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits from HMRC. Ping will help you discover if your business is eligible and do all the paperwork. We help to make your business more profitable.

Tax Investigation

HMRC can spring a tax investigation on you or your business at any time. If you get the dreaded letter you need someone to fight for you in your corner. That is when you need Ping to deal with HMRC, defend your position and take control of the investigation.

Effective Tax Advice & Planning

The changing taxation landscape can be a minefield for many businesses, which is why tax planning with help and advice from Ping is essential.

Because we take a holistic view of your accounts we'll understand the complete picture about your business and with our help, you can be sure you're making major financial decisions with all the information you need to hand.


Many businesses pay more tax than they should or receive a major surprise when their tax bill arrives because they haven’t planned effectively or received professional advice. With Ping's advice, you can be prepared and make the most effective plans for the future.

Trust Ping to help you keep more of what you make. 

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